Postgraduate Research

MPhil/PhD research at PRASADA

  • Yusuf Adams, Beyond the Minaret: a Space for the Spirit, a Place for the People
  • Fiona Buckee, Reconstructing an Indian Temple Tower: Temple 45, Sanchi
  • Megha Chand Inglis, Interrogating contemporary architectural traditions: the Sompuras of Gujarat and British Suburbia
  • Himanish Das, Principles of design, architectural form, language and construction techniques, in the traditional architecture of Jaisalmer
  • Sona Datta, Material Culture in the Early Pantiya Era, Tamil Nadu, 6th-11th Centuries CE
  • Ananya Gandotra, Computer Modelling and Analysis of the Shekhari Form of Indian Temple
  • Laxshmi Greaves, Brick Foundations: Ahichhatra and the Formation of Indian Sacred Architecture in the Gupta-Vakataka Age
  • Rupa Raje Gupta, The Wadas of Maharashtra: an Indian Courtyard House Form
  • Amna Jahangir, Colonial Impact on Urbanism of the West Punjab: Town Morphology as an Imperial Imperative
  • Amita Kanekar, The Architecture of the Ikkeri Nayakas
  • Yashaswini Sharma, Bangalore - The Early City, AD 1537-1799
  • Devdutt Shastri, The Dance of Architecture
  • Doria Tichit, The Udayeśvara Temple, Udayapur: Architecture and Iconography of an 11th century Temple in Central India

PRASADA research degrees completed at De Montfort University up to 2005

  • Ashutosh Sohoni, Temples of the Marathas in Maharashtra (PhD 1998)
  • Meera Dass, Udayagiri, a Sacred Hill: Architecture, Sculpture, Landscape (PhD 2001)
  • Shikha Jain, The Havelis of Rajasthan: Form and Identity (PhD 2002)
  • Deepanjana Danda, Maharashtra and the Cross-Fertilisation of Style of Brahmanical Cave Temples in India (PhD 2003)
  • Ajay Khare, The Tradition of Temple Architecture in Bengal: 9th-16th C. (PhD 2004)
  • Jyoti Sharma, The Urban Order of Shahjahanabad, 1639-1911 AD (PhD 2005)
  • Anuradha Nambiar, Mapping a Site: Geographies of Cultural Transformation - a Study of the Thamburan Palace, Thrissur (MPhil 2005)