Postgraduate Research

Dr O. P. Mishra (b. 1954) is a distinguished scholar in the fields of archaeology and heritage conservation management. He completed an MA in Ancient History Culture & Archaeology at Gorakhpur University (1976), and at Bhopal University, Madhya Pradesh, completed a PG Diploma in Museology (1976), PhD (1984), and DLit (2001). His publications include Mother Goddess in Central India, Iconograpgy of the Saptramatrikas, Archaeological Excavations in Central India, Masterpieces of Madhya Pradesh, Chambal Vally: A Heritage Tresure, and Discovering Vidisha. He is closely associated with Puratan, Journal of the Directorate of Archaeology, Madhya Pradesh, and acted as Director for Volumes 6 to 14. He has been joint editor for several works, including Vajpaiaya, a commemorative volume for Prof. K. D.Bajpai. During his career, Dr Mishra has worked with the Archaeological Survey of India, the Birla Archaeological and Cultural Research Institute (Hyderabad), the Indira Kala Sangeet University, and the Diroctorate for Archaeology, Archives and Museums, Madhya Pradesh.

His participation in archaeological excavations has been extensive, including the sites of Kalyanpura, Ninnore, Chota Barda, Chalpakala, Maruchichali, Gannore, Gondarmau, Chhipaner and Katnera. Through the Directorate he has recently become involved with a major project at Ashapuri.